Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hairy Obsession 2

So what next?

I thought the best option would be to continue with a protective style, the problem was which one? My hair dresser suggested kinky twist extensions, but I’m no good with single plaits, I miss my hair too much. I’m one of those people who like to scratch their head or comb their hair at their own free will. Due to this single plaits rarely last 3 weeks +/– such a waste of time and money IMO. I could go for a weave, but my hairline doesn’t like those very much (that being said my hair line likes my eyebrows a lil tooo much...), and also the same reason mentioned before puts me off. That leaves me with two options. Full head wig or a half wig (which, correct me if I am wrong, I’m assuming is like instant weave…?). I have no problem with wearing a wig, only that I don’t want it to look like a wig, and as for a half wig I have no idea how that would work with my 1 inch hair!?

In the end I gave up on the protective styles and went straight for the TWA! I had to accessorize and beautify myself to help enhance the features my TWA brings out.

The last step was the final shape up, which made the hair even shorter. But at least it was somewhat shapelier. I hate what she has did with my hair-line though, It was all… rounded… she shaved off my side burns and widows peak TT_TT so no doubt I looked really strange…
Right so the BF finally saw my hair, (it was hiding) day 1 was silence, then I think he must have gotten pretty used to it. Apparently I looked like a pixie. (my 5ft 7 frame was obviously that of a pixie!) All was well!