Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hairy Obsession 1

Here begins the tales of my natural progression for yummy hair....

So, in Oct 09 I decided I wanted a gorgeous, lush, full and thick head of hair. At the time I was relaxing my hair every 6 weeks, and it was becoming thinner and thinner each time. Not to mention the insane the relaxer would always leave a series of burns... My hair was sad, so I made the decision to stop relaxing; every so often I made this same decision, but it was generally due to funds being low, or not being able to get a hair dresser, resulting in me going three months without getting a relaxer, but I always went and had it relaxed. But not this time, this time it was for read, this time, it was going to be… FOREVER!

So off I skipped quite merrily to my hair dresser sometime in the middle of Feb. I had figured 4 months of re growth would have been sufficient to get the ends chopped and be merrily on my way. This was not the case. My hair dresser said “no” she instead gave me a weave to grow it out.
A week later though I became frustrated, I couldn’t get to my hair due the weave, and I just wanted to cut it off, along with those horrid relaxed ends of mine once and for all – so I did. My hairdresser was suddenly quite keen, and began bragging about how she “turns all of her clients natural” I giggled along with her, not wanting to say I was doing it because I don’t like my hair falling out, and her weave was too tight…

Then the snips came… and the hair went… I was partially mortified, but masked it well by saying “Oh, wow, it’s a lot longer that I was expecting it to be! Hee-hee….” With that I stuffed that afro weave back onto my head and dashed out. When I arrived home I jumped in the shower and rubbed my hands over the inch long hairs atop my head. These were sad times people… sad times indeed. However my spirits were lifted when the conditioner on my hair gave this strange reaction – my hair, was… curly?! Dazed and confused I happily continued washing my hair. This was the point where I decided I want to see these curls/waves/imposters at their longest and strongest.
My hair mission had begun. Awwww Yeaaaaah…..

So what did I do? I went in search of advice of course. I hung out at www.longhaircareforum.com and www.blackhairmedia.com joined a few curly sites such as www.naturallycurly.com (as I was obsessed with the imposters in my head) and got into a few blogs and websites, namely www.curlynicky.com. (<- That place is the shiznit btw!)