Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hairy Obsession 3

My Starters hair care regime

So this is what I had begun to use on my hair:
I made a glycerine mix (but I don’t like its sticky feel) made up of 50% glycerin, 50% purified water and a few drops of essential oils (Cedar wood, Peppermint, Tea tree and Eucalyptus)
I would co-wash every other day with Herbal Essence’s Hello Hydration conditioner, it smells amazing, made me want to eat my head:

I would daily condition with Aphogee Pure Vitamin Leave in Conditioner, spray n go! Has a fruity plastic smell, but its still quite pleasant: (why do I smell everything…)

I’d seal the ends with natural A or B grade Shea Butter. (the yellower the better!) lovely on the body – especially the face. Non-greasy It’s quite thick so either keep it in a warm place, or be prepared to warm it up before use! According to my mum this smells like frozen peas. But it is VERY subtle, so I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

Then monthly wash with Elasta QP Créme Conditioning Shampoo, and DEEP condition fort nightly with Intense Fortifying Hair Conditioner, PHEW!
(looks like the shampoo bottle but just says conditioner instead of shampoo. Its great and smells like banana – Sorry seems like I DO have to smell everything!)

This process too me quite nicely through my first 3 months. And is still the basic structure to my daily/weekly/monthly regime.