Friday, 19 November 2010

Natural Obsession

Ma Hair!

In April I lopped off all of my relaxer and went for the 'fro. Today, 8 months on, I figured I post something about my hair journey. So to sum it up; It was short, hella short, now its longer...
Today's natural installment is the hairstyle I'm rocking. It's just a 'fro with an accessory (The belt from one of my grans dresses... The colour matched my top, DON'T JUDGE ME!)

So on to my regime: Co was every 2 - 3 days with Herbal essence "Hello Hydration" and 'poo wash with Kinky Curly "Knot Today" and condition with Elasta QP "Intensive moisturising creme" once a week. (usually on a Sunday)
Day to day styling: When it was warmer it was "wash n go" all the way, by dunking my head under the shower, then sealing in the moisture with pure Shea Butter, in the evenings I'd grease my scalp with pure coconut oil (every other night.

I had been making a leave in conditioner which consisted of; purified water, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, cedar wood, eucalyptus oil and some other oil (Cant remember which one) all shaken up in a spray bottle and lovingly doused all over my hair. It smelt yummy and my hair loves water so it was aaaallll good. But then it got cold, and wondering outside with my head soaking wet was no longer an option. Also i got lazy. I bought Aussie's "Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner" and some Aloe Vera (had some before but was ignoring it) and my hair seems to like them. So now in the mornings, it's spritz in go. Feels good to have my hair at a length where I no longer need to use Gel for this hair style. :D