Friday, 3 December 2010

Growing obsession: JET


So the deadline has passed, I managed to get my application in nice n speedily and I feel pretty confident about it all round. My biggest problem now is forgetting about it. It doesn't help that I spend all day cruising the forums, or that people keep asking me about it, so I am going to have to take some hard core steps to get it out of my mind.

1. I have a Job, this should keep me busy... but alas, here I am, blogging... at work...

2. It's Christmas this month, so in about a week, I should be busying myself with wrapping and the like, i bought 80% of all the major pressies already so spending money wont help either.

3. Cata comes out on the 7th... but I have no motivation to play up til then, nor will I be buying the game the instant it comes out... poop :'(

4.Vlogs... yeah, I said it... VLOGS. There has been a fair amount of talk on VLoggers over the last few days and I want in on the action. Said vlogs will be about hair care of course, but even so, should keep my busy momentarily. How very
exciting! Oh speaking of which, I might do a "Hairveda" review, as i got their samples in a few days ago.... YAY ME!

5.Watch TV. I'm not a big TV fan, but a few series' have piqued my interest. Greys Anatomy (of course!) Fringe and Dexter. I'm considering Day Of Our Lives, as it was recommended...

Yeah apart from that I'm stumped.