Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lost Obsession: JET Programme

So I still do not have a letter from the embassy, so my guess is a big fat "R" is on its way. I called up on Monday to see if a letter had been sent out, and they said yes, it should be with you in a few days. Being as the first rejection letter was received last Saturday, I can pretty much guarantee I haven't got an interview.

EDIT: Yeah, so it came today... ¬_¬

All I have to say is...

 So, for your reading delight here is an exerpt of my SoP. It is very similar to the one I submitted last year that managed to get me not only interviewed, but on the alternate list. I do not intend to apply for JET again, so I'll have no use for it. Here's hoping someone will find it helpful in some way! Let me know if your interested in reading the rest.

At a young age I became passionate about Japan for its traditional culture, but I soon realised there was a lot more to Japan than what is depicted in the media. Although many of these portrayals are based on Japanese heritage, they can sometimes put forward a false image of Japan, tending to focus on stereotypes.
In other mediums, the Japanese are largely known as brilliantly innovative thinkers and technological leaders in the business world.  Being a Human Resources Management graduate, in addition with my prior interest in Japanese culture, the positive and negative opinions in regards to Japan appeal greatly to me, and have fuelled my desire to apply to become a participant on the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme.....