Thursday, 10 February 2011

Obsession with Determination: Teaching in Japan

HA. I'm in a screw you JET mode. I called the embassy as they said on Monday my letter (read: Rejection letter) had been sent, but it hasn't arrived. I call them up, giving it the old wheres my letter jibe,  "it hasn't arrived, could you let me know if I'm waiting on a rejection letter or an interview letter" he said "No" lulz... He said wait til Monday then they will see if they can email me. Dude, it was on your screen, you said "let me check the system" what a waste of perfectly decent vocal chords, and to think i thought you sounded cute once upon a time... (I'm not a stalker, you are!)

Anyway, moving on. So Last week Friday I applied online to for an Assistant Language Teacher with Interac in Japan. An hour or so after I hit submit, I was called for a phone interview, at the end of which, I was asked to come in next week for an interview.

So here I am a few days before hand preparing. So far i have my intro in Japanese sorted, here it is:


Why is it all in hiragana I hear you ask, well mostly because I fail at reading kanji especially when I'm nervous. though thinking on it, it may be better with the kanji due to aiding with my revision... hmmm....will hand write it with the kanji in.

I have more to say in my intro, such as about my "teaching experience" but will say that bit in English. In fact, using Japanese is not compulsory, but they like to know you know a little if you do.

So here we go, and good luck to meeeee!