Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sexy Obsession: Rhianna and Ciara

Today while cruising the land of (yes, yes I know, it's like a poorly laid out version of TMZ, BUT I LOVE IT!!!) I came across a picture of Ciara looking SMOKIN' in a body stocking number (Thats a dress to the rest of us.) I was enamored, and now I must have one! WhereTF can I find one? I'm guessing she probably just stretched a pair of XXXXL tights over herself in order to save money, being as she has no label and all, (again, according to MTO .. -_-; ) but even so, I WANT!

I also came across Rhianna in the All of The Lights video on Sunday night, and saw that super sexy bondage tape type top she wore. Another addition to my want list!

It seems, gone are the days when you could roll onto eBay, type in "Shakira she wolf leotard" and BAM there it would be, courtesy of all those lil Chinese vendor folk. Now i'll be hard pressed to find something these ladies wore to the Brits/to the mall/etc. 

This is not a happy Princess people. Please sort it out!