Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tasty Obsession: Fancy Food

The 24th of Jan saw the fella reach the ripe old age of 26. And in celebration of this, I decided to take him to dinner. As he has become somewhat of a food critique of late, I thought it fitting that a mean at one of the Ramsay's restaurants would be fitting for him. We chose the Claridges restaurant of Gordons , and i must say we were highly impressed. the food was lovely, but most impatual of all was the service. No I dont just mean timely and on the ball, but the waiting staff were so much fun! They were happy and involved, joking around with us and it was generally the most lovely experience thanks to them.

The lighting was ambient, just perfect for eating but unfortunately too dark for decent pictures, and i refused to put on my flash! So here are some crummy pictures of lovely food:

Oh, i have no picture of the fellas starter but he had the Braised Suffolk pork belly, langoustine,
quail’s egg, crayfish bisque and Granny Smith apple. T'was very tasty :D

Menu: This was a deep purple, but looks brown.

This was a pumpkin soup pallet cleaner.

My starter: Maple-glazed Muntjac deer loin,
rhubarb, hazelnuts and foie gras

This was the bf's main (no pallet cleanser) It WAS Pan-fried fillet of wild sea bass, salsify in streaky bacon, wild mushrooms, vanilla velouté

Caramelised pear tarte Tatin, walnut ice cream. For two :)

A special something from the staff. Yay!