Wednesday, 13 April 2011

1 year natural Obession! (And Mizani [paraben free, silicone free, mineral oil free etc] review.)


This be a joyous time ya'll, as I have hit that 1 year milestone!

It was tough, and I did my damnedest to avoid that temptation that we call a relaxer. There isn't much point in going into detail, as my 9 month update was pretty much as in-depth as it could be. Only thing I should mention, is that I wore a lacey for the final 3 months, and had my hair tended to by another Mizani specialist.


Now when my last Mizani experience was a shambles, so when my friend invited me to a training session at her office, I was skeptical. However, the allure of a free pampering overtook my fears and I found myself in a room with 8 or so others, awaiting the eager fingers of trainee Mizani folk. I told my friend about my last experience and she assured me I'd be in good hands. the lady leading the training session, had someone who was familiar with unprocessed hair tend to me. They asked me about 100 times what i wanted, and I didn't really care, so long as they didn't press my hair bone straight (as I haven't had a trim yet so god knows what my hair would have looked like...)

Product Range

When asked "So, what products do you use?" and I replied "nuts n berries" (more or less) I was faced with looks of confusion and asked "why do you make it yourself?" I explained I'm trying to avoid lanolin, parabens, silicones, mineral oil and all the other yucky stuff my hair hates.  She turned to her trainer then said "Right, I know... the coconut souffle? Buttery one?" they agreed then began to work. Now I'm pretty crap, they massaged a moisture treatment into my scalp for 5-7 mins then washed it out, but I have no idea what it was called... they moved me to the chair then asked me again what I'd like done. So I decided some cornrows in the front, with the back blown out and fluffy looking. So thats what they did. the next day I just stuck the lacey back on as I had already planned the 3 month lacey wearing stage lol.


My friend, being as special and magical as she is, managed to get her hand on some of these products for me. These were the:
Coconut Souffle
Butter Rich
Supreme Oil

Out of 10 the Coconut Souffle and the Butter Rich get a 7. They do not moisturize my scalp as much as I'd like, however my hair seems to like it. It retains the moisture for about a day an a half.
however the Supreme oil gets a 9. I don't really have anything negative to say about this, apart from the foul price point. I think 122ml can range from £19.25 - £25.00 depending on where you buy it... just a lil steep if you haven't got a hook up.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Edible Obsession: Misato Restaurant - London's Soho

Recently a friend took me to Misato, a Japanese restaurant near china town.

Now the first thing I noticed was that there was a queue leading out of the door, it was around 6.45 so i figured folks were grabbing some good grub before they headed home. (well... may have to rethink the "good" bit.)
The next thing I noticed (once my part of the queue made it past the door way) was the MASSIVE portions, now my friends face lost all colour, then she said "Ah, yes, I forgot, you can take what you cant finish home!"  Now looking at the plates of food being shuffled before me, and remembering what I been given at other Japanese restaurants I though, damn, gonna need a doggy bag.
Here is an example of the size of the dish. ( I'm looking at chopstick to plate size ratio)

I'm going to call this brown character Natto girl. See how excited she is? Pretty self explanatory which dish is the Misato dish.
So we are eventually taken to a table, and are given the menu. (also this blog is pretty cool if you're a foodie "cook slow eat fast" ) and found the prices are almost half of what I'm used to paying for less, when it comes to Japanese food.
Service was prompt and smiley, drinks were redunkulously priced, but I guess that's the norm for west end these days. I ordered Tonkatsu curry with rice and it came fairly quickly. Now, I enjoyed my meal thoroughly, however, the cut of pork, although huge, was extremely fatty. I don't mind fat on my meat, but I can honestly say this had more fat to it than actual meat, or at least equal amounts. So after a while it became quite sickly (I began to wish I ordered the giant ebi tempura)

I also ordered 6 salmon maki sushi, which I devoured by myself - because they were so damn tasty. And for only £2.50 I couldn't resist. This was also the first time I had had iced Japanese tea (genmai cha) this one in particular is made from rice. weird tasting but relatively refreshing. It cut through that fatty pork quite nicely anyway.

Our total bill came to just under £18.00 so I was WELL chuffed! Especially as there was so much food, I couldn't eat it all... and no, I didn't opt for the doggy bag.  >.>

The week of monday 7th: Awaiting Interac.

Well this is when I should have heard back from interac as that would have been the 3 week mark, This however was not the case. 
As the disaster struck Japan on march 11th, I put all expectations onto the back burner (well, i tried too.... i really did!). I was particularly anxious due to, erm... flygin? (lovingly explained here) so I was thinking (like many other ALT wannabes) "oh noes, no mo' jobs!"

So I cracked the following Monday and emailed them... they were pretty chilled and said everything should be fine and I should hear back by the end of the week. But zilch. I figured I'd give it two weeks just to be on the safe side then called them. (Yes, I'm the insensitive gaijin who only cares about themselves yadda yadda) and they were insanely apologetic. I felt like i was scolding them... But they said the applications should have been sorted by now but there are a number of people who have not heard back yet. However, they were going to have video conference with tokyo HO to force them to get through them by the end of the week, and if i hadn't heard anything by then, I should call them next Monday... 

Luckily (for them >:P) I was called that friday (the 1st of April) and was given a place. Woot woot! that put my total waiting time at 6 weeks considering the circumstances, that seems fair. And I can honestly say, I would have most likely had a response in the 3 week window they claim.