Friday, 8 April 2011

The week of monday 7th: Awaiting Interac.

Well this is when I should have heard back from interac as that would have been the 3 week mark, This however was not the case. 
As the disaster struck Japan on march 11th, I put all expectations onto the back burner (well, i tried too.... i really did!). I was particularly anxious due to, erm... flygin? (lovingly explained here) so I was thinking (like many other ALT wannabes) "oh noes, no mo' jobs!"

So I cracked the following Monday and emailed them... they were pretty chilled and said everything should be fine and I should hear back by the end of the week. But zilch. I figured I'd give it two weeks just to be on the safe side then called them. (Yes, I'm the insensitive gaijin who only cares about themselves yadda yadda) and they were insanely apologetic. I felt like i was scolding them... But they said the applications should have been sorted by now but there are a number of people who have not heard back yet. However, they were going to have video conference with tokyo HO to force them to get through them by the end of the week, and if i hadn't heard anything by then, I should call them next Monday... 

Luckily (for them >:P) I was called that friday (the 1st of April) and was given a place. Woot woot! that put my total waiting time at 6 weeks considering the circumstances, that seems fair. And I can honestly say, I would have most likely had a response in the 3 week window they claim.