Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Japan Based Obsession: Mountains!

So for my birthday last month I climbed Takao San with Aya and Tomoko. Aya is my language exchange partner who lives in Kashima, and Tomoko is her friend who lives about 10 mins away from me across Tone river.

we met at around 9am and were done by around 10 lol. We then decided to nickname the mountain Takao-Chan as there wasn't really anything very large about it... Regardless of the mini mountain we had a great time!

After we climed Takao-chan we went to a restaurant on the mountain with giant Ebi tenpura. 'twas luvly!

Then we headed back to Tomoko's home where we hung out drinking beer and eating birthday cake! Great end to a great day IMO.

Tomoko, her husband and Aya bought me a Yukata set for my birthday, which I really didn't expect after all the food and booze. Naturally I was really happy, totally chuffed ^^.

I'm sure I've done something wrong while putting this yukata on. My waist looks insanely slim. I remember when the gaggle of ladies fitted me into my Kimono, they added towels and padding into my waist area as they said my waist was too small. However I have no idea where or how to to stuff sponges and towels into this thing!