Monday, 21 November 2011

Hanko Obsession: Yes...

Well not exactly, but I have managed to accumulate 3 Hankos.

A Hanko (For those who don't know) Is a stamp signatory method for those who can't be arsed to sqwiggle a pen. Many a frustration has a occurred when the delivery man arrives, and I find a pen before I find my Hanko :(

Generally a person only needs one Hanko, they may even have two, and generally the they will both have the same kanji/image. Yeah, I'm sure you've guessed it by now, mine are all different. Well kinda....

Firstly when i arrived in Japan I was under the impression I had to get my own Hanko, so I asked a friend to find a nice meaning for SAMU in kanji, and he found 紗夢. This translates to Sayuri Yume (Samu) or Gauze Dream ... I later found out its a good name for hostesses... apparently...
After getting my awesome kanji name, I skipped off with Zarrah to Loft and got my hanko made up. Both hanko and hello kitty case came to about 1000yen.

After arriving in Kamisu however, the IC (translator) handed me a Hanko with レイン written on it. And an IOU type receipt for 1350yen ...  and no case just a paper bag... Zarrah and I exchanged wary glances but accept this as the first of many fuckries.
That meant I had to go the the hyaku en store and buy a ruddy case for it, however the case I bought there was 7 shades of awesome!

Hanko number 3 came about after a trip to Akasuka with the teachers. My head of English decided I was worthy of a momento so he bought me a hanko. This hanko of course is the one I use for EVERYTHING!