Monday, 21 November 2011

Kamakura obsession: seeing more sights!

I think I'm turning into a sight seeing junky and I've seen more things here than most Japanese folk ( that being said I've never been to the Cotswolds and other touristy places in the UK)

Weekend before last I took a trip to Kamakura town. It's a town in Kanagawa that's famous for its historical architecture, giant buddah and a shit ton of shrines and temples. Including a divorce temple which was in fact just a giant cemetery...

Whilst in Kamakura, Masako's bud turned into a walking, talking guide book and story teller which was awesome as I got to find out a ton of stuff many folks wouldn't have. For example I had a dramatic rein-action of the killing of Yoritomo (?) on the steps of this giant temple (as always the name evades me) . Anyway simply put it was awesome!

Food was tasty too!