Thursday, 10 May 2012

Obsession with being a Nomad

Yes, I am finally admitting that I am a nomad.

I have been absent on this blog thing of late due to me busying myself with various things. I'll try to post about them individually later.
The most major thing however is that I have moved from Kamisu to Yashio. (From one factory town to another)
Yashio is in Saitama, on the Tsukuba express, so at least my town has a train station this time, a station thats only 15 mins walk from my house at that!

It's a little more lively than Kamisu however my old apartment was surrounded by izakayas and snack bars for my entertainment. Yashio however is lacking heavily, you'll be lucky to find anything further than 10mins from the station, unless my fellow ALTs are holding out on me... Sucks to be me. But I've only been here for a month, so I have plenty of time ahead of me to sink my nails into this town.

Why Saitama?

Well its the right mix of being near the city centre without living in Tokyo; I am only 18mins by train from Akihabara after all.

Why Yashio?

There is a distinct difference and feel to my town from the city. Its surprisingly rural compared to its sisters Soka and Misato but both towns are only a 20min bike ride away (Closer than one of my schools) so its quite nice to be in just after the rain, you get that nice muddy grass smell instead of the groggy lung feeling. Oh and my super cheap rent. If I am honest I was very very nearly going to live in Omiya, in fact I pulled out a week before I was due to move in. (Mostly as my new company failed to tell me until after my lease was up what the deal was gonna be.
The teaching contract I have here comes with housing, a 2k apartment for only¥10,500 per month. (About 90GBP) so I am one happy bunny.

Now I am trying to furnish and make it homely. It is VERY VERY old but for the money I am paying I really cant complain.

Once I have finished beautifying my home, I'll get some pics up for you all. Might even revisit the you tube jazz I was doing before...  hmmm.,.