Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Obsession with being outside.

Simply another installation of going somewhere awesome.

During golden week a friend invited me to Yamanashi. There was 5 of us all together, Aya, Tomoko, her husband Keiichi and their daughter Riko (I was number 5)

Aya is a language exchange partner  i met while i was living in Kamisu, we soon became good friends (Thanks to her i get out of the house a lot more) They left their home around 7.30 and picked me up by Yoyogi park around 10. I was actually late because i though they said Harajuku and iI went out of the Omotesando exit...

The journey took about 2 hours. Much quicker than we expected as it was the weekend of golden week. our first stop was a winery where we were able to taste wine by the famous Yamanashi gapes! I'm usually a red wine (well rose) kind of girl but i certainly preferred their whites. They also showed us how to determine whether a wine is of high quality or not. I bought a bottle of white then we headed off to our next destination.

Our next stop was to a park (I forget the name of it) where we could see cherry blossoms. As Yamanashi is cooler than Tokyo so the cherry blossoms bloom much later. So we were able to see some really beautiful scenes.

The next stop was for dinner! We went to a traditional Japanese restaurant that served some really fat udon. Im not sure why but I ordered the mushroom version. It was waaaaaay too much for me and I couldn't finish it all :(

  The beast in the flesh. Pretty sure it was more mushrooms that anything else!

After dinner we took a drive to a toy museum but it was closed, so we hung around by the near by docks. It started to get chilly so we headed back shortly after. We had tickets to fujiyama onsen as it was more or les connected to our hotel. It was a lot larger than any I've been to, but it was soooo crowded that it felt small. however it is a really lovely onsen.
 We then headed back to our hotel. If I'm honest, it was pretty basic for what we paid. I'm guessing the fact that it is connected to fujiq means they can charge premium prices for a standard style room.
However I cant dispute the awesome views I had from my window!