Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Tribute to bromances.

April leads to many things in Japan, cherry blossoms, new school year, companies (not just teaching ones) hiring new staff etc, but the biggest sadness is the ALT turnover.

Well, not all ALTs make it into my best bud list, but two in particular, my dearest Tim and Ben had their time cut short. They had a Bromance so intense they were practically gay for each other and I mean that in the most non gay way possible. So this be a photo tribute to you my friends. Canada and England just (well a month ago) had to awesome guys returned.

Ben, Japan wont be the same without your constant ranting and ravings. Or your hair of which its texture I am still unsure. But I'm pretty sure you have an afro.

Tim, still stalking me on DrawSomething. Who will I complain too when these guys diss England? I will keep you updated with any anti Canada info and defend your honour in your absence.

You guys were always up for a night out. Alaways willing to eat enough yakiniku to cause meat sweats and the "itis" Since you've been gone, I've only had 3 nights outs, other weekends have been spent Joshua Tuckering. (Not really, but just wanted to put that reference in there.) 

Hats off to you good Sirs, HATS OFF!


Hmm... I don't actually have any photos of you guys... WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!?

I'll see if I can dig something out... in the mean time make do with this.