Friday, 28 September 2012

My JHS obsession

I LOVE teaching at Junior High school.

Maybe this is because I only teach at my JHS once a week, I don't know but despite the fact that it is my furthest school, I totally look forward to going there every week. Unlike my other schools they don't provide me with a lap top. No biggie though, I just bring in my netbook and portable wifi and do I as please.
7 out of JHS days have completely butchered schedules. Yes they have a set time table, yet this doesn't seem to apply for English, and they really don't seem to take advantage of the one day that I am there. Since we started back, I have taught a total of 4 JHS lessons.

Now when I say "Taught" I really REALLY use this term lightly. Some people hate JHS for the reasons I am about to outline below, but these are reasons why I love it.

- Club activities - Cooking and Craft is where I live after 2.30pm!
- The JTEs do everything, even prompt me as to when I should do what ever bit they have allocated me. (in Japanese though, so if I zone out I usually miss my cue)
- I don't have to plan any lessons. - speaks for itself, all the fun, none of the hassle.
- I only spend around 10 - 15mins of the class doing anything "English lesson" related. - This means i spend the other 30 - 35 mins of the class driving the kids crazy. Stealing their pens, hiding their pen cases, talking to them, poking them etc etc. At first I was kinda scared of these kids, most of them are the same size as me, and my town if pretty rough so my kids are borderline delinquents for the most part.
But surprisingly really enjoy the break from the boring English lesson they have with their Japanese Teacher of English, and continuously coax me on and help me to plot and plan new ways or annoying them. They are a strange bunch.


Probably the main thing I like a about JHS is the fact that these kids can express themselves. Beyond the "I like Hip!" they have some really interesting things to say, IN ENGLISH.
A lot of kids go to eikaiwa from Elementary school, like Yamaha music and English, or ECC and whatnot so they know a lot more than you think. Bump into one of these kids in the corridor at JHS and you'll be surprised the things they try to come out with.  Just last week I had a rather detailed conversation about flamenco dancing...
After giving these guys practical and honest answers to their "00英語で何て言う?”questions kids come bugging me in the teachers room to throw their one liners at me.
I'm still trying to figure out what the phrase "American Joooooke!!" means though...