Friday, 28 September 2012

Public Holiday obsession pt 2

So the other day (Sept 17) Was aged peoples day. This is where we say thank you to the old people for being old and doing all the things that old people did when they were young that led to our lives being awesome now.  (Yeah I could have said that in an easier way, sorry!)

So what did I do??
Well you know me, I like to be outside, I went back to Ibaraki!!

Hello Kamisu my old friend!

Aya, Tomoko and the gang invited to their home for a barbecue on the Sunday, so I met Aya the bus stop and we drove to their place next to choshi.
I ate a lot of meet. The weather was weird, although it was rather warm and sunny, it suddenly began to rain so we had to move the BBQ inside.
Now normally this wouldn't be weird but my friends husband owns a grave stone making factory (I think) so inside was in fact inside of the storage units where they keeps all the grave stones. Despite the eerie surroundings we had an awesome time!
so much meat!

And there was a rainbow!

After stuffing ourselves, Tomoko and I were only half way through our drinking competition so we opted that we all head to Karaoke. We went to Karaoke ban ban in Choshi, we had an amazing time. Naturally Riko was scared at first but she soon eased up and fell into stride with us.

Karaoke BanBan, the first I have seen of its kind. 
The night came to a close when Tomokos husband sang Mr Children's Hanabi, and changed the lyrics from "one more time, one more time!" (mo ikkai mo ikkai - も一回、も一回) to "one more drink, one more drink" (mo ippai, mo ippai! - も一杯、も一杯!)which didnt mean final drinks, but that what ever drink we had, we had to finish in one go. then order another and down that too. By the end of the song Tomoko was completely gone and we had no choice but to call it a night lol.
The next day they drove me home (To tokyo station) but we stopped of at Odaiba first, he hit up round 1, watched a performing monkey and window shopped. And had an all round wonderful day.
Its at times like these that I miss living in Kamisu :(