Friday, 28 September 2012

Public Holiday obsession pt 1.

This is a double post of sorts as it crosses over with some other stuff. - it will be in more than one part.

So I have come to notice that almost every month there is at least one public holiday, I near enough curse the months that don't have any. The most popular of which is Golden week.

Golden week

This is a set of days in late April early may which consist of the Showa day, Memorial day, Green day and Children's day (April 29th, May 3rd, 4th and 5th). This is great when the weekend is conveniently placed and we can enjoy a nice long week off, however, it wasn't like that this year, and If I remember correctly, I had to work smack bang in the middle of it.

Even so, I had a 3 day weekend then a 4day weekend (Hmm I think I messed up the math with that)

Part one Sat, Sun and Showa day.

What to do, where to go?
Well, I never leave such things until the last minute to decide. About a month or so before, my friends Aya, Tomoko, Tomokos husband and their daughter had invited me to go to Fuji Kyuu for the weekend. We left on the sunday and returned on the monday. Fuji kyuu is a theme park in Yamanashi, close to Mount Fuji. We stayed in the connecting hotel, and were able to get discounted theme park tickets and use of their large yet overcrowded outdoor baths. I would go on in more details but I'm  a visual lass. So I took pictures to save me for boring you to death with this text.

Just arrived at Yamanashi Winery.
Barrels of yummy wine. Yamanashi is famous for their grapes :) 

Usually I prefer red wine, but the white was beautiful, I bought a bottle on the right.

Riko showing me her piece of broken pine cone(?)

FujiQ from my hotel window XD 

Houtou, insanely thick noodles. But very yummy.
 I can't remember where we took this, but there was a luby museum there or something.
Night view from my window, I was pretty wasted by this time, hence the fuzzy picture. 
What I rode on :) I forgot dodonpa though! BEST RIDE EVER!

View from my other window :D