Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Aiming for Greatness Obsession

I don’t know what it is, or when this began, but I have always wanted to be better than my peers. Not in the annoying jerk way, but more in the actually wanting to be good at something way.
I have always been a C grade student. In my GCSEs I some how managed to pick of at least of one of each grade in every subject. From an A in Science to an E in religious studies (I went to a Catholic school...)

Further Education

When I came out here I couldn’t help but feel as though I was wasting my time, as though I was just out here playing and skipping and enjoying all the little Japanese delights. And to be honest, I was. About 6 months into my stay here I began thinking about my return home and how I was going to find a Job. Sitting on my but staring at blogger for 5 hours a day (I have A LOT of free time at school) So I decided to put all that free time to better use.

Distance learning and me.

Distance learning isnt for everyone. However I really disliked attending lectures and for me work took priority. Id get notes from my house mates then write up assignments in my own time. Luckily I went to London Metropolitan who were too busy fussing over their rich and juicy international students to care about us lowly Londoners so I don’t think I was really missed. In short, I had already done distance learning.
However some people NEED the direction and motivation of a mentor, they need to be surrounded by people studying their modules so they can brain storm and get Ideas. I think this is great, but not something I need. So if you are like that distance learning will be tough.

It's bloody hard.

I think I have discovered that I don’t like learning (lol) or studying at least (Just look at my Japanese skills on my Google+ account! Terrible! Haha)
Its all about time management. Now I had plenty of time, and generally with 90% of what I do I can manage my time effectively. However studying is completely different ball game for me.

I had plenty of time, but I just didn’t know how to use it for studying. So what did I do to make it work? Well there was a ton of reading, so reading at school was easy as pie, but if I couldnt read at school for what ever reason, that reading wouldn’t get done. I had to allocate seriously my 2 hours a day. (personal goal)

I managed to get through it and handed in my first micro assignment in June. The next assignment was due in October, but I noticed something amiss. On the online form for my course everyone was abuzz about the assignment question, however I hadn’t even known it was out yet.

My only problem with distance learning

Snail mail. Why in this golden age of technology do you need to send me a giant A4 ring-binder filled with a ton of paper?? Said binder being the most important element?? Well needless to say this binder was misplaced (due to my own error to be fair) and with 6 weeks to go before my first major assignment I was feeling pretty much like a dog without a bone. There was no way I could consolidate my readings into an acceptable answer in three weeks, especially not it I have two jobs. This aside, I thought I was doing pretty well...

So I gritted my teeth and asked for an extension. One week IS NOT ENOUGH for such situations. So I had to pull out. (of the module, not the whole thing)

Blessing in disguise.

I am quite frustrated at myself for this, however modules will be changing slightly from next semester which means there will be more International Relations and International Market focus. But even still, I feel like I've really let myself down. On the bright side, I dont need to pay my next fee installment until May 2013.

Always look on the bright-side aye.