Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Girigiri obsession

girigiri means "just in time" or in "the last moment". And i have been saying this a lot lately .
I don't know what wrong with me. My life right now feels like the last 30 minutes of the tabehoudai/nomihoudai course.

As though I am trying to cram as many things as is humanly possible into these last few months!
Actually this was the month that I went snowboarding. I don't think I have ever been so scared and excited at the same time. 

I fell flat on my face and broke my glasses though. My friend was a great teacher apart from the "Just stand up" advice he gave me when I asked "How do I stand up"
Despite it being my first time, and only snowboarding for about 4 hours, I think I did pretty well :)

The next week I went to Okinawa for 4 days. Actually I had wanted to go to Hokkaido for the Yuki Matsuri (Snow festival) but two weeks prior the same friend and I had gone to Nikko with it's fresh snow, so they complained that hokkaido would be too cold. So we decided on Okinawa. It rained every. damn, day. Despite its awful cold, cloudy, rainy weather I had a really great time! I was able to see many national heritage sites, my friends had been to Okinawa many times before so I felt as though I had expert tour guides with me. I was so excited one morning when it was sunny. Only to run out side to the beach and have the sky cloud over and the rain start up again.

This week I started to sell my stuff. and yahoo auctions are being very, very, very, good to me! Maybe a little too good. I fear I may have put things up for sell to early. There is a good chance that I wont have a fridge, TV or IH for a month hahahaa. Guess Ill be eating out!

January 2013 - omg 3 months

I often explain to my Japanese friends that New years is like Christmas in the west and vice versa. 
JP New years and EN Christmas is a family affair
EN New years and JP Christmas is kissing your beau and going to parties.

At least that is my interpretation. 

Last year I spent Christmas and New years in the UK, so this year (even though I originally wanted to go to Thailand  I decided to spend the holiday season in a Japanese style (apart from the lack of boyfriend or parties over Christmas - I guess bounenkai's dont count right?) On the 30th I had an awesome time, despite getting lost for 3 hours on the trains, visiting one of my teachers. She knows where all the hot recycle shops are and we had a whaaaaale of a time. Of all of my colleagues I will miss her the most.
I decided to spend new years with my good friend Aya with her friends and family. I headed to Kamisu on 31st as we had planned to do hatumoude. We went to her cousins home where they made me toshikoshi souba, and we watched the year end music variety show thing. Actually they didn't watch it much but we enjoyed talking about the idols and they enjoyed explaining many things to me. It was a tough time for me because even though Aya has very good English her two cousin  cousins husband and 3 children didn't speak English. Nevertheless, we had a fun and memorable time.

I had expected that we would head to the shrine (for hatumoude) at midnight, however we didnt. In London I know I would either be at the desired location already, or rushing to wherever we want to do the countdown and momentous new years kiss. However we leisurely drank beer, laughed, joked and ate, then we took our time to go to Kashima Jingu. We collected Aya's friend along the way, she was lovely and could also speak English as well as Aya.

We had a lot of fun that night. I stayed at Ayas home then returned on new years day. I was pooped.
But it wasn't over. Another friend had invited me to their home on the 1st a sushi making party. I headed there and well, I made sushi, drank, laughed, and God knows what else. I had a great time though. 

Two days later I went to Yomiuri Land. It's a theme park in kanagawa that has a beautiful light show. It was sooooooo cold. I think I only went on one ride that day lol.
I also went snow boarding and to Nikko this month. Geeze I've been a busy bee. However Im going to write about those in a separate post.

December 2012 - Seasonal Obsession

Now I am one of those people who love Christmas. (and other holidays)
Especially if I have someone to spend it with. 

Well, I didn't T.T
So this year Christmas was celebrated in spirit only. 
Did I make Christmas themed lessons for my kids? Why yes of course! 1st years to 4th years made cards sang songs and played games. 5th and 6th  - Hi Friends lol. Sorry gang. However the last 30 mins of class was a game of their choice (Which means they only had 15 mins of English work)
I also sang Christmas songs all day everyday. I love Christmas songs. I NEVER tire of them, and I worked in retail - still love em!

However once the holidays rolled around I vegged. I had wanted to go to Thailand, but my passport had to be renewed and had only just returned, This meant that any thing I booked would be waaay too expensive. Christmas eve was a friend's birthday so we went to see a ballet performance. I thought it was just for his birthday but it somehow turned into a date. Awkward.

On the 28/29th? I went to Kamisu. Had to file some papers in order to get my new visa. While I was there I contacted Machiko san. Her mother was visiting so we all went to lunch in a swanky french restaurant. T'was gorgeous. Machiko-san is a JW so she doesn't celebrate Christmas at all, but she treated me to "Christmas dinner" that day. (Its a long bus ride,ignore my bed head.) Lovely, A lovely time.

Did I decorate my apartment?


Did I make something nostalgic and yummy for christmas dinner.

Pffft. However Pizza-La had a rather festive pizza. I ordered that.

Did I Skype my family?
Yes! For like 12 minutes. My brothers were bouncing all over the sofas, my aunt and Gran were talking about Japanese toilets, and my mum about all the bits in between while trying to figure out what I wanted for Christmas. (I never answer, I never know what I want - plus me old mum has good taste!)

Did you skype your friends?
2 of them, yes. Th e others I had been back and forth with over whats app etc. I like me some ME time.

Did I eat KFC over the festive season like the Japanese folk do?
Pffft. Plus KFC out here sucks ass.

Was I sad and lonely?
Hell naw. I like to spend time alone sometimes. Would I have preferred to have spent that time with someone special? Yes. But as it was, I was happy with it. I never take that quiet time for granted. Every weekend I am doing something to going somewhere, so sitting and doing nothing for a week was nice.
It was literally Christmas day, Boxing day and the day after that which I spent alone.

November 2012 - Natural Obsession

I probably didn't write about this, but in February or March this year I returned to the creamy-crack. (Relaxer/Straight perm)

Actually I was really glad I did. I was pleased with the ease of styling my hair. I had found a great salon in Roppongi ( an amazing stylist/weaveologist (China) and life was good. Summer was coming and I was feeling fresh and free. 

Anyway long story short, I want to go back to natural again. My last relaxer was in august 2012 and I have just had a weave put in. This weave is that BOMB! however, the hair is crap. Creeps up my neck like a mofo. 

To get my weave done I had to perm my leave out - again this doesn't bother me, I have been lucky to find a great stylist so it isnt as though I hate relaxers like I used to.
So now my hair is tucked away. I think it is pretty good timing and the winters here in Japan are so dry and cold! Im especially happy as my weaveologist taught me a new way to wash my hair while it is in the weave, so I can wash it as frequently as I desire. Woohoo. 

Healthy happy hair yay! I bought a ton of goodies from (jojoba oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, tea-tree oil etc) so Im really excited to use them to their potential in my new growth. EXCITING!
Also last month I went to a strange yet entertaining transgender performance in Roppongi. I love musicals and theatrical performances so even though it was weird, the theme was interesting (How Christianity was abolished in Japan) and the costumes are awesome, they didn't actually speak. I think it was only music... and A LOT of dancing. Magical!
Man I need to remember what it was called. Grrr.

October 2012 - obsessing over my future

So it will seem like only a few weeks ago I was bragging on about how amazing distance learning is. I guess to the average reader it would seem like I was doing the right thing. However, I guess if you read deeper into it, you would probably realise that for me, distance learning probably wasnt the best idea.
Any way, in the end I dropped the MA in Human Resources this month, as I had some kind of epiphany.

I want to be a teacher

Not an ALT, but a Teacher. Therefore I will return to the UK and take a PGCE course, hopefully in Primary education with English as an additional language.
I would rather be and English specialised school teacher (Not EAL) but with my experience it only made sense to apply for the EAL route. I have heard it isnt too difficult to change (with the EAL) somewhere down the line.

There are only 2 universities in the UK (Surprisingly) which offer the EAL specialism in Primary education. I have applied to two universities. My first choice is Newman university College in Birmingham. It is a newly appointed university with a large pass rate and job success for PGCE graduates. My second choice is University of East London (UEL). I have chosen UEL as they are a large University which get a very high allocation of trainee teachers and because, well, I had not choice..

Why did I suddenly decide to change from HR to Teaching?

Well in my opinion, it isn't exactly much of a change. Someone asked me this the other day, and I know they will probably ask me if I ever gat an interview.
Quite simply I wanted a career where I worked with people - HR right? I also wanted a job that focused on the development of my self and other - Still HR right, a career that has a positive impact on those around me and whom I work with - Still HR but melding a little. I love that "Eureka" moment someone gets when I explain something to them.  I like the fact that in a small my way my job will have an impact on the future of our world, who knows what will grow to be or achieve - this is pretty much teaching now. I dont want a typical 9 - 5 job. As a teacher no 2 days are the same. I think it's exciting and something worth waking up 
for in the morning.

Oh, and I love kids lol.