Wednesday, 20 February 2013

December 2012 - Seasonal Obsession

Now I am one of those people who love Christmas. (and other holidays)
Especially if I have someone to spend it with. 

Well, I didn't T.T
So this year Christmas was celebrated in spirit only. 
Did I make Christmas themed lessons for my kids? Why yes of course! 1st years to 4th years made cards sang songs and played games. 5th and 6th  - Hi Friends lol. Sorry gang. However the last 30 mins of class was a game of their choice (Which means they only had 15 mins of English work)
I also sang Christmas songs all day everyday. I love Christmas songs. I NEVER tire of them, and I worked in retail - still love em!

However once the holidays rolled around I vegged. I had wanted to go to Thailand, but my passport had to be renewed and had only just returned, This meant that any thing I booked would be waaay too expensive. Christmas eve was a friend's birthday so we went to see a ballet performance. I thought it was just for his birthday but it somehow turned into a date. Awkward.

On the 28/29th? I went to Kamisu. Had to file some papers in order to get my new visa. While I was there I contacted Machiko san. Her mother was visiting so we all went to lunch in a swanky french restaurant. T'was gorgeous. Machiko-san is a JW so she doesn't celebrate Christmas at all, but she treated me to "Christmas dinner" that day. (Its a long bus ride,ignore my bed head.) Lovely, A lovely time.

Did I decorate my apartment?


Did I make something nostalgic and yummy for christmas dinner.

Pffft. However Pizza-La had a rather festive pizza. I ordered that.

Did I Skype my family?
Yes! For like 12 minutes. My brothers were bouncing all over the sofas, my aunt and Gran were talking about Japanese toilets, and my mum about all the bits in between while trying to figure out what I wanted for Christmas. (I never answer, I never know what I want - plus me old mum has good taste!)

Did you skype your friends?
2 of them, yes. Th e others I had been back and forth with over whats app etc. I like me some ME time.

Did I eat KFC over the festive season like the Japanese folk do?
Pffft. Plus KFC out here sucks ass.

Was I sad and lonely?
Hell naw. I like to spend time alone sometimes. Would I have preferred to have spent that time with someone special? Yes. But as it was, I was happy with it. I never take that quiet time for granted. Every weekend I am doing something to going somewhere, so sitting and doing nothing for a week was nice.
It was literally Christmas day, Boxing day and the day after that which I spent alone.