Wednesday, 20 February 2013

January 2013 - omg 3 months

I often explain to my Japanese friends that New years is like Christmas in the west and vice versa. 
JP New years and EN Christmas is a family affair
EN New years and JP Christmas is kissing your beau and going to parties.

At least that is my interpretation. 

Last year I spent Christmas and New years in the UK, so this year (even though I originally wanted to go to Thailand  I decided to spend the holiday season in a Japanese style (apart from the lack of boyfriend or parties over Christmas - I guess bounenkai's dont count right?) On the 30th I had an awesome time, despite getting lost for 3 hours on the trains, visiting one of my teachers. She knows where all the hot recycle shops are and we had a whaaaaale of a time. Of all of my colleagues I will miss her the most.
I decided to spend new years with my good friend Aya with her friends and family. I headed to Kamisu on 31st as we had planned to do hatumoude. We went to her cousins home where they made me toshikoshi souba, and we watched the year end music variety show thing. Actually they didn't watch it much but we enjoyed talking about the idols and they enjoyed explaining many things to me. It was a tough time for me because even though Aya has very good English her two cousin  cousins husband and 3 children didn't speak English. Nevertheless, we had a fun and memorable time.

I had expected that we would head to the shrine (for hatumoude) at midnight, however we didnt. In London I know I would either be at the desired location already, or rushing to wherever we want to do the countdown and momentous new years kiss. However we leisurely drank beer, laughed, joked and ate, then we took our time to go to Kashima Jingu. We collected Aya's friend along the way, she was lovely and could also speak English as well as Aya.

We had a lot of fun that night. I stayed at Ayas home then returned on new years day. I was pooped.
But it wasn't over. Another friend had invited me to their home on the 1st a sushi making party. I headed there and well, I made sushi, drank, laughed, and God knows what else. I had a great time though. 

Two days later I went to Yomiuri Land. It's a theme park in kanagawa that has a beautiful light show. It was sooooooo cold. I think I only went on one ride that day lol.
I also went snow boarding and to Nikko this month. Geeze I've been a busy bee. However Im going to write about those in a separate post.