Wednesday, 20 February 2013

November 2012 - Natural Obsession

I probably didn't write about this, but in February or March this year I returned to the creamy-crack. (Relaxer/Straight perm)

Actually I was really glad I did. I was pleased with the ease of styling my hair. I had found a great salon in Roppongi ( an amazing stylist/weaveologist (China) and life was good. Summer was coming and I was feeling fresh and free. 

Anyway long story short, I want to go back to natural again. My last relaxer was in august 2012 and I have just had a weave put in. This weave is that BOMB! however, the hair is crap. Creeps up my neck like a mofo. 

To get my weave done I had to perm my leave out - again this doesn't bother me, I have been lucky to find a great stylist so it isnt as though I hate relaxers like I used to.
So now my hair is tucked away. I think it is pretty good timing and the winters here in Japan are so dry and cold! Im especially happy as my weaveologist taught me a new way to wash my hair while it is in the weave, so I can wash it as frequently as I desire. Woohoo. 

Healthy happy hair yay! I bought a ton of goodies from (jojoba oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, tea-tree oil etc) so Im really excited to use them to their potential in my new growth. EXCITING!
Also last month I went to a strange yet entertaining transgender performance in Roppongi. I love musicals and theatrical performances so even though it was weird, the theme was interesting (How Christianity was abolished in Japan) and the costumes are awesome, they didn't actually speak. I think it was only music... and A LOT of dancing. Magical!
Man I need to remember what it was called. Grrr.