Sunday, 26 May 2013

Reading Obsession

I loooove to read.

Why am I randomly talking about books???

I'm back in the UK and I'm BORED. I want to become a teacher so im trying to at least BE in the right field so I'm volunteering in a secondary school as an EAL teacher, but that's only a few hours a day. In my down time I'm exercising, reading and studying Japanese.


There's nothing like having a hearty novel/manga in your hand, our your trusty e-reader, however recently my kindle died. ;_;

As tragic as this is, it became even more so when my mum went to Sainsbury's and saw the nook on sale for £29.99. She called me up and asked me if I wanted one, of course I said "nah, my kindle is all I need", however the next day my kindle looked like a baby had elbow dropped it, and those £29.99 nooks were sold out nationwide. My mum has since offered me her kindle, but I know shes only after a shiny new nook lol.

My reading habits

I'm a bit of a weird one, as a child I read books back to back, and wrote short stories (and made cheque books - I was a strange child) .As I got older my influences to read grew from mere passion to recommendations and what every my friends were reading. (However I haven't touched a harry potter book :S )

Now most people insist on reading from the first page, not even looking at the blurb, just both feet in, beginning to end. Others insist on reading the last page first, then going back to the front and reading as normal. I on the other hand, I read a random chapter from bang in the middle. If that chapter doesn't give me what I need, I don't bother reading the book. (I have a very long reading list...)

What is it that I need from that random chapter?

Well its pretty straight forward, I want to see how the characters are getting along, whether I can follow what's going on from that chapter alone, I can pick up the authors writing style and if they can hook me in from any random part of their story, yadda yadda.

Only one book (series of books) didn't fit into my plan and that was "Game of Thrones" however enough of my friends were into it that I gave it a chance and just got on with it. I haven't touched the series in a few years as I'm currently fighting off my inner hipster...(I was reading those long before the TV series :P)

What is my favorite book?

Well its a series actually, "The Dresden Files". Its a weird one, about wizards and fae and stuff. There are 10 books in the series not including the short stories that are scattered throughout. Freaking awesome set.

Hmm I wonder how this randomness will apply to anime...