Sunday, 17 November 2013

Life obsession - July 13

Social life

I've met some one :-)

After coming back to the UK a friend from university invited me out to dinner with a few of her friends (who also happened to go to our uni, and who I apparently knew, but I had no idea who they were) this I discovered was the second of what turned out to be a regular set of monthly dinner meetings and the birth of our "social club". As all members seemed to have demanding lives, whether it be home or work, we wanted to make a way for us to get a regular break from our daily stresses. So in addition to the monthly dinners, we decided to do something else too.

One thing we started was dance classes, salsa and bachatta (bachatta is awesome and sexy!). Originally there was about 4 of us going, on the second meeting another member from the group (and my uni)  turned up with their awesome sexy self, but we will talk about him at length another time ;-)
In addition to the salsa, a member of the group had a cineworld card that entitles them to watch as many movies as he can for around £18 per month. We all took this as an opportunity to spend more time socialising without having to break the bank (eating out in this group can prove to be quite costly after a while) so we all rushed off to the internet to get one.

It's a pretty amazing deal, we try to go to the cinema at least twice a week, sometimes watching two movies in one evening I've seen a ton of movies now that I would never have bothered watching such as despicable me 2 (man I love those minions!).
It's really important to break up the daily routine of home - work - home.

Family Life

The day before my brothers birthday was particularly difficult. It's funny, when something tragic happens in the family unit, it's amazing to see what kind of people you have in your family. My mother and I were just about to head out to get my brother one of his birthday presents when my grandma called. We were in the middle of discussing our covert plan to get his gifts without his knowledge when the phone went silent. We didn't think much of it at the time, however (luckily) due to my brothers sudden temper tantrum we scrapped our plan to get his gift and my mum headed straight to my grandma's house instead. Upon arrival my mum discovered that my grandma had had a stroke while on the call. Luckily not to long had passed and we were able to get her to the hospital. She is recovering well and is in high spirits but it is too early to tell what irreversible damage has been done.

Healthy (hair) life

So I revisited my beloved site to see what offered they had on. A few years ago I picked up some items which were on sale or special offer, and reviewed them see this part for the reviews. I managed to pick up a trial set of the kinky curly range (knot today, custard, etc) the full set of Miss Jessie's natural hair range (about 12 bits in total) and various discounted jellies and Creams.
I've been thinking about getting sister locs so I am not sure if I'll be able to review all these products, either way I'll do a separate post about them. British curlies are very prompt with heir deliveries but I have those wotsits type packaging, they get eeeeevery where and drive me crazy, they aren't even edible. :-(

Missing Japan Life.

As I'm still having withdraw symptoms, I just had to take my lil bro and his buddy to Hyper Japan at Earls Court. Luckily he's almost as nerdy as me. Look at how happy he looks! I'm totally the best sister ever!