Sunday, 17 November 2013

UK - teaching obsession - June 13

What to do~

So it seems reading and losing my self into a world of fantasy and gaming isn't quite cutting it for me.
Recently I've been volunteering in my local secondary school, in their EAL department.
My plan for returning to the UK was to train to become a qualified teacher (primary school) work here for a few years then possibly return to Japan and score an awesome private school position.

Well, in the words of Mike Tyson "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face" I got knocked da f**k out by numeracy.
All was going well, I had interviews lined up with universities then lo' and behold, I didn't even make it that far. Naturally I passed the literacy with out breaking a sweat (go me!) however, even after hiring a private tutor, buying numerous books, and genuinely just trying my best, I failed the exam 3 darn times.
Thanks to this little snag, I must wait two years before I can apply again to take the skills tests. Which means I must wait 2 years before I can apply to take a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education)
I have plans to take a TEFL or CELTA course so let's see how that goes aye.

Thinking of going self employed

As a result of these events, I am still very much out of work, and once school ends Ill have nothing to occupy myself with. So I have been thinking of tutoring adults one to one in coffee shops.
When I first arrived I put an add out, offering private tutor lessons but I retracted it pretty quickly as I don't have and "actual" teaching qualifications. However in the short time it was up, I was able to get one student for telephone English lessons. Lets see how that goes.

On a positive note...

...I bought a bicycle, Yay me!
It's a lovely little machine that I got thanks to the cycle to work scheme that Halford do.
I went to the one near to wear the staples used to be in Croydon and was given soooooooooo much help and advice on what to get and so on.
My mother also bought a folding bike, the Dahon Vienna or something but a lovely, dinky, sturdy machine.
I however went for a sleek and sexy Hybrid bike. Light weight and yummy. I've been riding it too and from work but not really to anywhere else unfortunately.