Friday, 21 March 2014

Family obsession - kinda

A strange but loving enough family

Yes, a strange family history. Without going into unnecessary details, I was able to meet my sister for the first time last thanksgiving.
It was a huge deal, lots of family, most of whom I really don't remember and some of whom I'd missed dearly. (you know who you are +Tonya Neckles ^_~ )

Bad people

Not talking about family, but wanted to touch on the fact there are so many crazy people out there.
I wasn't supposed to make the trip to NY alone, a "friend" was supposed to come with me. (you know who you are...) but that individual is not even worthy of my rant - but I feel like ranting so I will rant anyway.
Horrible girl.
Folks, don't take other peoples kindness for granted - or they might end up taking your ass to court.
If someone offers to pay for your trip abroad, please don't leave it until the day before the flight to tell them your visa was declined.
Then when said person asks you for the letter so they can get a refund of the tickets purchased, don't then ignore them and call them rude and ignorant.
P.S - Don't delete important emails, such as emails saying your visa has been declined - makes it hard to get compensation... At least I know I'll be getting my money back - heh.

I just don't get some people... /rant

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Japanese study Obsession

 Note to self: In large doses, kanji makes my brain hurt.

Never give up. thanks to memrise , In 9 days, averaging around 26 new kanji a day, I have learned 270 new kanji. I'm sure I already know little over the 200 Kanji needed for N4 and N5 (as I've already completed Basic Kanji Book Vol 1 half way through Vol 2)
After day 6 (I took in 43 new kanji that day) my brain felt like semolina pudding, going only manage 10 new kanji for the next two days, then nothing over that weekend.
I'm planning between 25 and 30 new kanji a day, once I've hit 600 new (to me) kanji ill just revise it all.

Using the soumatome books for Kanji and vocab.

Soo... any tricks on how to cram grammar...


So here I am again, studying for the JLPT. I joined a Japanese language school called Alpha Japanese and have been taking a 2 hour lesson once a week.
At first I hadn't planed to take any tests, (however my current job would be a whole lot easier if I had a higher level) so I was just cruising along with the plan to simply brush up my Japanese.
The lesson pace was pretty slow and relaxed,  then I had to stop for a while (like 3 months) when my Gran was ill, and rejoined thinking I would have a lot to catch up on - I didn't. Likely because there are only two students in that class (including me) and the other student is a little, erm, more "relaxed" with his learning approach.

Breaking point, lets JLPT!

Now don't get me wrong, I love Alpha Japanese school, the teachers are fun and knowledgeable, they also beleive in immersian and will only talk to you in Japanese (to be fair, their English is rather dubious)  I even prefer it to ITO Japanese school (their shady building doesn't help their image)

But after the 4th week of ~いただきました ~くださいました ~もらいました ~くれました and the rest of its kin, I was pretty fed up. By this time I only had 2 of my 10 lessons left and didn't want to waste them (Plus they stopped using my favourite 珍しいマン flash card T_T) I demanded that I Join the JLPT N3 class in prep for July 2014.
Now I say demanded, that's because they were (and probably still are) pretty sure I am in no way shape nor form prepared to join that class. They're probably right. But ill be damned if have to sit though a 5th lesson of  ~いただきました ~くださいました ~やりました ~くれました。。。

Taking the plunge

So as with most things, I ignored their caution and rocked up the the JLPT class. Needless to say I failed their Kanji homework test, (1/5) but I was on par with the class for the reading and grammar. (There was even kanji in the reading section that I knew and no one else did - yay me!)

Lets see how it goes aye.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Yummy food obsession

Circus Restaurant - Covent Garden

As you may remember, a couple of uni friends and I meet up once a months for dinner.

A few months ago, we went to a pretty awesome place called "Circus". Yes, a restaurant, called Circus.
Much like those themed restaurants you get in the states, there is a platform down the middle of the restaurant where performers, well, perform. Well, I say "platform" but what i mean is table as the platform is also where people are sitting and eating.
(I have a video, but blogger wont let me upload it :( )
Table mats

The food was a sort of Asian fusion with selected western favourites (British, American, Japanese and Thai if I remember correctly) and was delicious enough. There could have been more on the plates, however, if we were too busy eating we would miss out on the entertainment.
I suppose my only complaint would be that it is so dark, it was difficult to even see my food. However the staff and experience on a whole was absolutely wonderful.

Tempura Squid with salt and pepper
Edamame beans
Good ol' ribs
As precarious as it may sound, it was actually quite a great experience. Unlike its american cousins, this themed restaurant's food was top notch, maybe not quite worth the £60ph (We like wine and cocktails with our meal, those'll push it up) but we didn't complain too much as it was a good night out.