Friday, 21 March 2014

Family obsession - kinda

A strange but loving enough family

Yes, a strange family history. Without going into unnecessary details, I was able to meet my sister for the first time last thanksgiving.
It was a huge deal, lots of family, most of whom I really don't remember and some of whom I'd missed dearly. (you know who you are +Tonya Neckles ^_~ )

Bad people

Not talking about family, but wanted to touch on the fact there are so many crazy people out there.
I wasn't supposed to make the trip to NY alone, a "friend" was supposed to come with me. (you know who you are...) but that individual is not even worthy of my rant - but I feel like ranting so I will rant anyway.
Horrible girl.
Folks, don't take other peoples kindness for granted - or they might end up taking your ass to court.
If someone offers to pay for your trip abroad, please don't leave it until the day before the flight to tell them your visa was declined.
Then when said person asks you for the letter so they can get a refund of the tickets purchased, don't then ignore them and call them rude and ignorant.
P.S - Don't delete important emails, such as emails saying your visa has been declined - makes it hard to get compensation... At least I know I'll be getting my money back - heh.

I just don't get some people... /rant