Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Yummy food obsession

Circus Restaurant - Covent Garden

As you may remember, a couple of uni friends and I meet up once a months for dinner.

A few months ago, we went to a pretty awesome place called "Circus". Yes, a restaurant, called Circus.
Much like those themed restaurants you get in the states, there is a platform down the middle of the restaurant where performers, well, perform. Well, I say "platform" but what i mean is table as the platform is also where people are sitting and eating.
(I have a video, but blogger wont let me upload it :( )
Table mats

The food was a sort of Asian fusion with selected western favourites (British, American, Japanese and Thai if I remember correctly) and was delicious enough. There could have been more on the plates, however, if we were too busy eating we would miss out on the entertainment.
I suppose my only complaint would be that it is so dark, it was difficult to even see my food. However the staff and experience on a whole was absolutely wonderful.

Tempura Squid with salt and pepper
Edamame beans
Good ol' ribs
As precarious as it may sound, it was actually quite a great experience. Unlike its american cousins, this themed restaurant's food was top notch, maybe not quite worth the £60ph (We like wine and cocktails with our meal, those'll push it up) but we didn't complain too much as it was a good night out.