Friday, 2 May 2014

German obsession Oct/Dec 13


I suppose technically it isn't an obsession per-say. I went to Oktoberfest and sliced my arm open (according to the German nurse, this is known as a 'German tattoo') My fella is German and I went to Germany again to meet his friends, family and spend new years.

Of course I spent Christmas with my family in the UK, however he was already in Germany and I knew the holidays just wouldn't be the same if we didn't spend some of it together :) (Especially as he was moving to Scotland the moment her got back.

First of, I was disappointed! There was no snow! My heart was broken :'( 
I had specifically bought a super duper warm coat for both trips to German. In October I went around without a jacket mostly, and in Dec/Jan I was just hot and uncomfortable. Where was my snow!?

Oktoberfest started in Amsterdam. +Timothy Tsang came to stay in bonnie old England and took advantage of being so close to the rest of Europe for once. We were reunited with Ben and the three of us went on an adventure, it was like old times! +Natsumi Satoh was already staying in Amsterdam so we met up with her and went for a tour!

The next day we drove to Munich (Which was both fun and scary - we took turns driving)

There was a lot of drinking, we got drunk, I got too drunk, I got stitches then I was ok :D

Youll be pleased to know that my second trip to Germany was far more civilized! I arrived at Bremen bright n early. Went to my fellas mums house (where we stayed) then spent the next 7 days going around germany. Lots of train rides and self introductions and even more fun. despite the rain and lack of snow we had a lovely time