Friday, 2 May 2014

Natural Obsession Oct 13 - Sister-locks!


I've always loved being natural, (been through the big chop at least twice)
Around 5 years ago mum had sister-locks installed. She suggested I get them done too but I declined, my excuse being "I love to run a comb through my hair" - nothing could beat the feeling of that comb raking over my scalp lol.
Then I went to Japan, stayed natural for a year or so then went back to the creamy crack. Stayed on that for about 8 months then chopped it off a week before jumping onto a plane back to the UK.

I had a pretty funky style!

Second night out after landing in London

At a theme park = Everyday hairstyle

I dyed the front a bit red, cant really see it though
Then at the wedding lunch of a friend and fellow sister +Helen Huntress Locs Helen told me that she found that she could go through endless cycles of braids without the urge to rake a comb through her hair, and that she felt if she could do that then sister-locks wouldn't be a problem. So, I took up this challenge and decided to go a few months with braids and possible get locked in March 2014.

Now my plan was to wear it in box braids until then. I failed, and after one month I had booked my sister-lock install.
In total it took about 14 hours. 11am - 8.30pm then 11am - 3pm. Heres my youtube vid: