Thursday, 19 June 2014

Scotland/Sisterlock Obsession - 4th month (Feb 14)

Sooo its been 4 months aye, what has been going on in the world of my sister locks then?
I made a video but youtube didnt want it (or the internet at my grans was too slow... one of those) so ill try and get it onto here later.

but instead here are some pics. My left side is so short (kind looks like i just woke up and its squashed)
but that is due to my first ever relaxer giving me 2 degree burns on some parts of my scalp. Been tenderheaded eversince :'( The picture below taken just after a retightening shows this.

After a retightening you can really notice the lacking area, but after a week or so and it has fluffed back up, it really isn't so bad.

I have been allowed to wash and style it but can you believe ive only styles it 2 or 3 times? My loctitian calls me "wild child" as i literally do nothing to it other than tie it down at night and fluff it up in the morning (sometimes with argan oil). I just feel so free and happy. Ill probably wait until about 6 months to check out the length and then think of some everyday styles.

But so far so good :)

 Also February, my fella had a contract in Scotland so I went up to pay him a visit for valentines (^_^)
View from Edinburugh castle walls

Edinburgh Castle

view from the gardens near to Edinburgh castle

The view from the birth place of Harry Potter

Birthplace of Harry Potter. Elephant cafe