About ME!

Let the run on sentences and grammar fails begin!

So, this is my second blog, never had an interest in blogging before, but I couldn't resist when I was applying for JET, then the rejection letter came. As JET flipped me the bird,  I am now writing a blog about myself and my hair! ...Oh and perhaps about interac if i make it past their interview stage... (Among other things that tickle my fancy!)

“So what crap will I be writing about” I hear you mumble, and “why should I read you crap…” well it’s not like I’m forcing you… BUT maybe you want to know how this whole Interac thing is going and if I don’t get on it; you might be interested in my hair…  ¬_¬

Logic in the final statement: I stopped relaxing/perming/chemically treating my hair in Oct 09 and went for the B/C (Big chop) where all the permed ends are cut off, leaving only untreated hair im March 2010 and well, quite frankly, I hated how it looked. My heart would ache as I remembered the flow and feel of my luscious bone straight shoulder length mane…. BUT that being said I stuck to my guns! Solely because I discovered that within the midst of the TWA sitting happily on my head, there were a set of gorgeous little curls (well when wet and lathered up in conditioner), which, if looked after correctly, will remain little curls instead of reverting into a Brillo pad as it does every morning… Oh and because the other half told me not to cut it so “Sod you, it’s my hair punk!”

So all in all this is the start of two things: My hair journey, and my journey in attempt to be an ALT in Japan.

Oh wait, there’s another question that would burn uninformed minds: “WTF is an ALT or JET?”

 Yes. Well. There are many theories surrounding this. One being “Human tape recorder”, “Sing and dance man”, and on occasion “Assistant Language Teacher” If you know if this don’t read on, if not then do.

An ALT is an Assistant Language Teacher. Strangely enough no teaching experience is required for this...

 JET stands for Japanese Exchange and Teaching which is a government based programme. I refuse to do what Wiki has already done so here you go:  WTF is the Jet Programme!?

Yeh, I’m pretty much gonna end it here.

Stay fresh ladies, and you gents too!